You've probably heard it said "No man is an island" or "there is no 'I' in team". this is how it is at gravel hill. 

it takes a leadership team (staff) for the church to function the way christ expects it to, where every leader is serving the church and more leaders develop in time. here is a snapshot of our leadership team...

Shepherding Team

1. Pastor: Jeremy Horton

2. Youth Director: Dylan Campbell (Assistant)

3. Children’s Director: Amber Nichols

4. Worship Director: Amanda Hill

5. Education Director: Dylan Campbell

6. Men's Ministry Director: Jake Hendrix

7. Women's Ministry Director: Elaine Cofer

8. Senior Adult Ministry Director: ______________ (prayerfully waiting)

9. Financial Secretary: Vonda Shell

Serving Team

1. Deacons: Bill Chaney, Jay Hill, Gary Demre, Rick Ellis, Steven Lovell

Support Team

1. Worship Team: Jillian Horton (Assistant), and instrumentalists Connie Jones (piano), Angy Rose (Keyboard), Gary Demre (Bass Guitar), Ashley Rose (Drums)

2. Media & Sound Team: Dillon Nichols, William Lawhon, Warren Childress, Dylan & Alexandra Campbell

3. Church Business Moderator: Bill Chaney

4. Sunday School Secretary: Melanie Lawhon

5. Church Clerk: Elaine Cofer

6. Church Custodian: Elaine Cofer

7. Church Meal Event Coordinator: Elaine Cofer

8. Nursery Helpers: Joyce Dobbins, Sally Brown

9. Sunday Morning Bible Study Teachers: Joyce Dobbins (Nursery babies / Toddlers--0 to 2 years old), Aletha Chaney; Sally Brown [Asst.] (Preschool--3 to 5 years old), Stacy Childress (1st – 3rd), Elaine Cofer; Sarah Roberts [Asst.](4th – 6th), Dylan Campbell (7th-12th), Jay Hill / Ashley Rose (Adults), Rick Ellison / Gary Demre / Jay Hill (Senior Adults). 

10. Sunday Night Ministry: September - May--AWANA (Multiple teachers & helpers for Babies to 12th grade)       June - August--Children's Ministry (Amber Nichols; Melanie Lawhon & Blair Glenn, Asst.'s) & Student Ministry (Dylan Campbell)

11. Wednesday Night Bible Study Teachers: Worship (Amanda Hill); Pre-K (Sarah Roberts; Ashley Wake & Sarah Glenn, Asst.'s); 1st – 3rd (Elaine Cofer; Alexandra Campbell, Asst.); 4th – 6th (Amber Nichols; Angy Rose, Asst.), and 7th - 12th (Dylan Campbell).