~ Chapter 2 ~

The Allegiance from a Disciple

 “And whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple” (Luke 14:27). Indirectly, allegiance is a reflection of attitude. The Lord Jesus Christ cannot be any clearer than He is here. Regarding discipleship, He does not stutter, nor does He waver from truth. In fact, Christ leaves no room for misinterpretation by those who would view His statement as a suggestion or a possibility. It is so simple, yet absolute: some people “cannot” be His disciples. Why not? What’s the problem? The problem for some “fake” believers is that they want the “blessings” of Jesus without the cost. They want a ticket to heaven, but not a cross to carry. They want an easy life, not a narrow, difficult path (Matthew 7: 13-14). For such people who have a contaminated view of Christianity, they cannot be His disciples.

It’s not that such people are not “good” enough. Jesus Christ simply has a standard, and it is not up for negotiation. He makes no exception for anyone. That is what this chapter is about. It focuses on the devotion of the devoted. It highlights the commands of Jesus to His disciples that tested their allegiance to Him. Remember, multitudes followed Jesus, yet all we see Him with is twelve disciples. Why? It is because people loved the spectacular, but when challenged with cross-carrying commitment to Christ, they scattered (John 6:66). Jesus Christ is not looking for pansies. He is not going to waste His time with the shallow-minded. Christ wants a “John The Baptist” heart that will decrease so that He can increase (John 3:30). You see, either you’re in or you’re out. That’s all. Every fiber of your being is to be committed to Christ. This is a disciple of Jesus. This is the selfless, Kingdom-minded vessel that is being transformed by His commands. This is who Christ is looking for…this is you.