In life, there are times where circumstances allow us to get a “fresh start” at something new. EVERY Sunday morning gathering at Gravel Hill is like that—we’ve all experienced the demands, strains, pressures, conflicts, temptations of jobs, family, culture ALL week long! 

Then, when Sunday morning rolls around, we wake up and get a “fresh start” with one another in worship to GOD, which strengthens our faith to journey another week as well as deepens our friendships to love and pray for one another. We are united, like family—come worship with us this Sunday for a fresh beginning. 

Bible Study Groups (Sunday School)—Starts @ 9:15am

     1.  Nursery (0-2 years old)—Children’s Building. Joyce Dobbins.

     2. Preschool (3-5 years old)—Children’s Building. Aletha Chaney.

     3. Elementary (1st – 3rd grades)—Family Life Center. Stacy Childress.

     4. Middle School (4th – 6th grades)—Family Life Center. Elaine Cofer.

     5. Students (7th – 12th)—Family Life Center. Dylan Campbell.

     6. Adults—Family Life Center. Jay Hill / Ashley Rose .

     7. Senior Adults—Family Life Center. Rick Ellison / Gary Demre / Jay Hill.

Worship Service—Starts @ 10am in the sanctuary.

     1. Nursery (0-2 years old)—Children’s Building. Joyce Dobbins.